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    Delta Protect is a cybersecurity company, focused on offering diverse services in this branch, through an alliance with Entersoft Security we can offer the highest cybersecurity standards in the market. Our mission in providing the best service to companies in Mexico and Latin America that are vulnerable to cyber attacks and those companies that have already suffered an attack.

  • Security Assessments

    The multi-evaluations that we offer in our catalog of services go beyond vulnerability assessments and penetration tests. At Delta Protect we protect our clients' applications by means of attacks, understanding the logic of the applications, reaching the deepest corners. In a globally hyper-connected world, cyber risks and vulnerabilities are increasingly common and increasingly put companies' operations at greater risk.

  • Monitoring

    We will help you monitor risks quickly. Our proactive monitoring offer will help you reduce your risk against cyberattacks, from attacks through phishing, to social network scams. With the help of our team of White Hat Hackers, we will make your DevOps team solve the errors more quickly and effectively.

  • Maturity

    Through our ASQ we dynamically create a score for the maturity of the security of your applications, helping you compare yourself to your competition. We can monitor your development team, operations, technology, to reach a state of sufficient maturity both internally and in legal matters.

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Blockchain Security

Best Cyber Security company for Blockchain and ICOs

Best in class expertise in Blockchain Security

Entersoft has helped more than 30 ICOs collectively raise more than $ 100 million without a single infraction

The new Blockchain companies lost $ 760 million in ICO Hacks alone, in 2017. Most attacks occur due to Phishing attacks and lack of security in the token sale websites. We can help you launch your ICO safely and help you build secure platforms. Many CEOs think that the blockchain is secure and can not be accepted. Blockchain is definitely safe, but what about your Portfolio and Products connected to Blockchain?


All the blockchain companies that plan to do an ICO, are 100% vulnerable to phishing scams. Hackers often generate a fake URL and various fake social media accounts to test money from investors. More than 400 million dollars have been lost in these scams.

Smart Contract Security

Smart contract code is generally released via Github before the token sale. Hackers steal cryptocurrencies by exploiting code flaws in smart contracts. DAO is a classic example. We can audit your smart contracts and make them robust and resilient to the latest attacks. Over 350 Million USD has been stolen by hackers by exploiting bugs in Smart Contract code.

Our Security Offerings

Anti-Phishing and Security Audit

Do not allow hackers to take a misconfigured ICO domain or domain to redirect people who enter your website. It is important to secure your web platform. We help you detect, monitor and eliminate scams with a reduction of 100% with an average of two hours of inactivity, we have eliminated more than 500 missing pages of internet.

Security audits of Intelligent Contracts

We review and audit all the code behind your smart contracts so that they are safe from any vulnerability, we also review the process of AML and KYC. We verify the quality of the code and security. We help you create an API to sell tokens to wallets over 10 Crypto exchanges and 40 ICO's.

Our work cases in Cryptospace

▸ Sample Smart Contract Code review report

Our report will help you understand overall code quality, security, correctness and meaning that code will work as you describe in the White paper. Our expertise in code review helps evaluate other interconnected code components along with Smartcontract code review.

▸ Sample Penetration Testing report

We test your token sale website or platform for security vulnerabilities. We cover OWASP top 10, WASC 40 and OSSTMM standards during the tests. We provide POC videos and reproduction steps to exploit the security loopholes.

▸ ICO Case study

The client is a new ERC-20 token that will be launched on the Ethereum main network. The Token is a broader Enterprise system for global merchants to issue their own branded digital tokens. We identified and fixed over 10 security loopholes and helped them launch their token sale website securely.

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